Melo Development
The Melo Group is particularly skilled at researching and locating areas with strong return potential for real estate development.
In fact, many of the company’s first developments utilized land belonging to our founder and his family. As such, we make a point of remaining personally involved in all development decisions from beginning to end.
Our Experience:
· New Construction
· Residential
· Mixed Use
· Commercial/Retail
· Liaising with City and Government Officials
· Architectural Planning and Coordination
· Staffing and Personnel Selection
· Regulatory Compliance
· Zoning Applications
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Melo Architecture
One of the most influential entities involved in any real estate project is the architecture team.
The Melo Group offers the distinct advantage of keeping this service entirely in-house. This allows for direct input into the design, a seamless revision and update process, and the ability to work cooperatively with build teams to respond to emerging needs as the project progresses.
Our Skills:
· Design Concept
· Master Planning
· Site Selection
· Space Planning
· Interior Design Recommendations
· Ability to Serve as Architects of Record
· Renderings and Models

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Melo Contractors
At the heart of The Melo Group’s powerful performance is the ability to generate value from unique sources.
A key method for accomplishing this is our own in-house construction team. Besides the benefit of streamlined communication and quick action on all construction-related matters, this important extension of our in-house network allows for better dollar-cost averaging on materials, labor, and more.
Our Skills:
· We offer experience in:
· Pre-Construction Planning
· Permitting
· Site Readiness
· Establishment of Construction Budgets
· General Contractor Services
· Personnel Administration
· Code Compliance
· Inspections
· Approvals
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